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I have been using MRW Equine to help me bring my horse Gus back into work after an 18 month break. 

Milla has always been very reliable.  She turns up at the appointed time or lets you know if she is running a few minutes late.  Milla also does her best to fit my sessions in with my busy work schedule. 


Milla is always gentle but firm which has been good when Gus was being naughty.  She has a good riding position and can definitely ‘ride’ as has been shown when Gus has tried to buck or has tried the ‘shy and buck’ technique.  She gets to know your horse so she knows what is the best warm up technique for them so you get the best out of a session.  She has also been very encouraging with me when I have been a bit of a woos about getting on!!! Calms me down, gets me to talk while I’m riding when makes me breath and in turn makes me relax to enjoy the ride.

Milla has also kept things interesting for Gus by not just doing laps and exercises around the arena but riding in different paddocks and changing it up by doing long reining sessions.


I highly recommend Milla from MRW Equine.  She is not a ‘quick fix it’ person that will put all sorts of gear on your horse to make them comply.  She will take the time to work with you and your horse to achieve the best results.

- Sandra

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