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Our Horses

Introducing our current horses and long term residents


15.2hh Stock Horse X Arab

Alfie was purchased in February, 2020. He was previously severely abused and was purchased from a meat truck.  Alfie was a very nervous horse who would not let anyone near his head and was very aware of anyone around him. After working with Alfie for 2 years he has come an extremely long way and he is now able to be ridden and has trust.

Alfie has 3 beautiful, balanced paces, with very expressive movement. He also has a very scope, natural jump.

Alfie is a permanent member of the MRW Equine Team.


15.2hh ISH X Waler

Mannie was purchased by us after he was here on behalf of his owner to be trained and sold on. His attitude, temperament and talent was too good to pass on. Mannie is continuing his training with us and will become a future lesson horse.

Mannie has a laidback attitude with beautiful paces. He also has a very scopey and springy jump.

Mannie is a permanent member of the MRW Equine Team.

IMG_2078 2.JPG

16.3hh Warmblood Gelding

Hugo is our newest addition. He is a very talented, educated gelding with the presence to match. Hugo will join our showjumping team

Hugo is a permanent member of the MRW Equine Team.

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