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These are all the horses we have SOLD


GOOSE - 16.3hh Thoroughbred Gelding

Goose is. 16.3hh (approx) Tb Gelding.

Goose is a sweet and sensible gelding who is a standout in our paddocks.

Goose has the basics established. Walk/trot/canter both ways, collecting himself into a frame and also working on leg yields. He has also been jumped over a few small jumps.

We believe that dressage/hacking would be where his heart lies, however we would like him to go to a home where he gets to do a bit of everything as he enjoys doing different things.

Goose would thrive off someone competent to continue his education.


Goose is for sale on behalf of his owner. And will only be sold to the best of homes!


PRINCE - 15.2hh Thoroughbred Gelding

Prince is a 5yo, 15.3hh Tb gelding.

Prince has to be one of the easiest horses we have been able to work with. He has an exceptional temperament, is a good doer and is easy to do just about anything with!


With 3 established, collected and balanced paces he is beautiful to ride. He has a gorgeous natural head carriage teamed with a lovely soft mouth. He has also started to move off the leg, also touching on the foundations of shoulder-ins.

Prince has done some low level jumping. He makes a lovely shape over a fence, but would suit someone confident to continue to work on his jumping.

Prince is a blank canvas ready to take on any chosen discipline.

He will only be sold to the best of homes!

Prince is now on the market. Feel free to contact us for some further information.


VIVI - 16hh Thoroughbred mare

Vivi is a 11yo, 16hh Thoroughbred mare.

She is a very willing and straightforward mare to ride. She has 3 beautiful floaty paces which are soft in the contact, balanced and adjustable. She has a brilliant work ethic and tries her hardest for her rider.


Vivi has previously done lots of trail riding,

alongside some dressage training. She is established novice/elementary level.


Vivi hasn’t done much competing with her past owners as it was not their focus, however she has been out on numerous outings recently. She can be more forward/anxious while out, but settles quickly and there is no nasties.

DUSTY - 16hh Thoroughbred Gelding

With a sweet, willing personality this boy will make someone extremely happy. Dusty is easy to do just about anything with and has been a very easygoing gelding to have around!


Dusty has three balanced and smooth paces. He can move off the leg and perform leg yields, and is working on shoulder-ins. He has started to soften into a gentle contact whilst gaining muscle and condition. We have also popped him over a few small x-rails which he happily cruised over.


He has been predominantly a trail riding mount for his current owner. And has been on a few outings to clinics. Not much seems to phase him and he has quite a laidback nature. He’s happy to cruise around on the buckle of the rein and poke along, however is happy to get going and move up as the rider wishes.


We would see him being a great adult riding mount/trail riding horse for someone who has the capability of confidently riding a nicely forward moving horse.


BOY - 15hh Stockhorse x Arab

Boy is a 13yr old, 15.2hh, stockhorse x Arab paint gelding.


Boy is a super sweet boy, who has the bling and looks to match. He is easy to do just about anything with.

Boy has 3 beautiful balanced paces. He has established walk, trot and canter. He does move off the leg and also bends beautifully. Boy has beautiful movement and tracks himself really nicely.


Boy has a beautiful jump on him. He uses his 

power and sits up on his hindquarters. He jumps in a beautiful correct shape. He takes the rider to the jump but is also easy to sit up and get him to wait. I believe he would make a great jump mount for someone experienced, wanting a competitive jump mount.


Boy has previously done lots of endurance, eventing and trail rides. So he has been very well exposed. However, at times can be a bit looky. We have not found a reaction to him looking.

This is a hard sale for his owner, so he will only be sold to the best of homes.

POPPY - 16.2hh Thoroughbred Mare

Rising 4yo Un-raced Thoroughbred mare

Standing at 16.2hh this mare is the best of both worlds. She has potential to compete in any discipline you choose. She would make a great show hack With her fabulous movement and pretty looks or event or showjump with extreme boldness and scope.

She also has a very quiet nature!


PIPPA - 16hh Thoroughbred Mare

Pippa is a 15.3hh, 3yo Thoroughbred mare. She has a beautiful nature and attitude towards work.

She has the basics established. Can walk/trot/canter both ways and has started to learn about collection. She has also done some light jumping where she shows a lot of promise.

Pip has been taken out to our local recreation grounds, where she displayed her true easygoing nature. 

This mare is the ultimate project for someone to take on to Continue her education.

HOLLY - 15.1hh Thoroughbred Mare

Holly is a 15.2hh (approx), thoroughbred mare.

She has a very sweet nature and lots of bling about her. Holly has the basics established. She can Walk/trot/canter both ways and move off the leg. She has established contact and works in a soft and light frame. 

This mare has done mainly dressage, with some small jumping in-between. She has been taken out to our local recreation grounds where she schooled some cross country jumps. She took everything in her stride and was quite bold.

Holly would suit someone wanting a fun mount in which they can continue her education.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 7.17_edited.jpg

HANK - 17.1hh Thoroughbred Gelding

Hank is a beautiful 10yo chestnut Tb gelding. He is a gentle giant, super quiet to ride, great for someone needing confidence or a complete beginner learning to ride. Has been out and about to shows competing in eventing, dressage, showjumping. He is great on a trail ride, rides nice and quiet and doesn’t get hot. He does not need to be worked down at a show or home. You can hop on him and go. 


Looking for a loving home for him. Very special boy who is looking for his next rider. 


No riding schools or dealers please as this is a very much loved boy who is super easy. 

LOUIS - 15hh Andalusian x Gelding

Louis is a 15hh Andalusian x Gelding. Louis is for sale as a companion only, due to an injury.

He would make a great companion to young horses/ponies as he is a sensible and friendly gelding.


LOTTIE - 13hh Australian Riding Pony

Lottie is a 13.1hh, 5yo Section A Riding pony.

Wingana Show Me The Money x Penny Royal Of Astral


I purchased this mare to break in myself and she has been nothing but excellent.

Lottie is a super sweet pony who loves human affection. Since being broken in by myself in early January she has proven to be a very easy and willing mare. She has 3 beautiful balanced paced. With the movement to match her looks. She holds herself well and moves off the leg. And also bends beautifully both ways.


While she knows the basics, she is still young and green. She would suit someone who is confident and continue her training.


Lottie is very easy to do anything with. She has been taken off property and is exactly like she is at home, she's very sensible and mature. Lottie is also easy to float, trim, catch, ect...

ROCKET - 13.3hh Riding Pony x Stockhorse Gelding

Rocked is a 13.3hh Riding pony x stock horse gelding. Rocket has been backed and then turned out. Ready to come back and be re-started, rocket would suit someone experienced to continue his education.

He has 3 attractive, balanced paces and has an eye-catching colour.

Rocket is more of a sensitive type, requiring someone soft and with patience.

This Gelding will go a long way in the right hands.

rocket dress 1.jpeg

ROMEO - 14hh Arab x Appaloosa

Romeo is a 7yo, 14hh (approx), Appaloosa x Arab Gelding.


Romeo has the basics established. He can Walk, trot And canter both ways and he can move off the leg. He is also responsive to both leg and hand aids. Romeo is super easy to have around and is also a good doer.

Romeo has been to a large amount of different clinics, events, outings. He loves trails and adventure, is very smart, highly trainable and a very fast learner. 


Although he has never put a hoof wrong when ridden he is still very green and can be sensitive. His rider capability would be best to be competent and confident as he is quiet but also strong willed and smart with his own clever ideas. 

This is an extremely hard sale for his owner as she has had him since he was a foal.

Beau - 16hh Thoroughbred Gelding

Beau was rescued by us to re-train and to sell on.

He is a 16hh, 12yo Thoroughbred Gelding.

Beau has beautiful movement and is a really perfect hack type. He also has a springy jump and he really enjoys his work.


Archie - 4yo, 16hh Thoroughbred Gelding

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